Laycon’s ‘Who is Laycon’ EP Review

It is another session of review for a body of music work, and this time it is that of Big Brother Naija Season 5 housemate, Laycon (Olamilekan Agbeleshe).

Laycon has become the latest sensation on the continent just in the space of 9-weeks.

When he got into the Big brother Nigeria house 9 weeks ago, his Instagram account had just a little over 3,000 followers and his twitter was practically a paltry number. But 9 weeks later, this young man is not only gunning for the ultimate prize of the BBNaija reality TV show, he has also grown a cult of loyal fanbase which has seen his Instagram grow to over 1 Million followers and his Twitter inching close to 300 thousand followers… Mind freaking Blowing!

A couple of months before entering the house, Laycon had released n 8-track EP titled ‘Who is Laycon‘ which had been enjoying just a few 10s of thousands of plays. Today, that EP has over 7 million streams on all platforms, thus it is just apt that I do a review of this body of art work.

Track 1 – The Question (Intro)

This track is a befitting one as track number 1 for the body of music work.

It is a short 36-second audio which practically has the artiste in a conversation with an unidentified female… I guess she is supposed to be some type of shrink who is helping him with a process of self discovery, and ultimately, self actualization.

On the track, the lady asks, “picking up from where we left off, who are you?”

Laycon responds saying, “I can’t lie to you, I’m still on my journey… I don’t know… I don’t know… I’m just trying to figure out what part of me they want… like, should I be myself or should I be the Laycon that they can understand?”

Rating: 7/10

Track 2 – Who Is Laycon

This is the track that the entire EP takes a name and draws inspiraion from, and this can be seen by the way Mr. Agbeleshe goes hard with the bars here. His flow was perfect on this track, he was hitting hard and lacing the verses with lots of wisdom.

The first line actually does it for me on this one.

“Who is Laycon? I am a god in a human body!”

Rating: 8/10

Track 3 – Hip Hop

This track is one of my personal favourites on this project.

Laycon features Deshinor on this one and for your info, this particular track is already popular across the continent.

I bet when Olamilekan made this song he didn’t plan it out to be a club hit, he must have thought it to be an inspiration track for the underdogs… especially people who have decided to stick with the difficult hip-hop genre. But here we have a song now which does heavy rotation at clubs and parties.

It must be particularly noted that Deshinor did a lot of justice to the hook and Laycon’s rap flows also came through as well.

Rating: 9/10

Track 4 – Accolades

Laycon features another upcoming act, YusufKanbai on this one.

YusufKanbai’s hook on this song is quite catchy, making this purely happy track a danceable one.

Unfortunately I do not yet know the name of the producer for this track because I would have loved to give the genius some ‘Accolades’ cos he or she really did marvelous work with the beats, mixing and overall production – the song actually owes a lot to the producer.

Rating: 7.55/10

Track 5 – Come With Me

This song happens to be my favourite of the entire EP… I have put this song on replay scores of times

Laycon does the hook and everything on this one and it is so soothing. Here he shows his versatility and wholesomeness as a musician. It is nice to know that he can not only rap, but also sing as well.

It is a love song and it carries just the right mood, creates the right ambience and speaks the right words. Even his rap here is soft (as should be), so much so that it is difficult to distinguish the rap verses from the chorus.

Rating: 9.7/10

Track 6 – Narcos

Again he features YusufKanbai here.

This song has a lot of word play 🙂

Both artistes talk about ladies wanting to get with them after they have blown up enough and making things pop.

This track, is one to listen to and draw your own inferences and interpretations 🙂

Rating: 7.99/10

Track 7 – Motivation

As the title of the track depcits, it is a motivational and inspirational piece. Laycon clearly cements his place as a sensible artiste with this one.

Here he talks about his motivations in life, he talks about life’s basic ideals… like the need to recognize everyone’s efforts irrespective of their roles or what they do. He sells a message of respect for everyone in society in spite of status or achievements.

He features upcoming artiste Tinu on this one and the production and beat on this track is dope!

Rating: 8.1/10

Track 8 – Fierce

This is one track that many would say is Laycon’s claim to fame, and rightfully so. Even before entering the Big Brother house, this song was already getting rotation on MTV.

He features renowned artistes Chinko Ekun and Reminisnce on the song, and the features sure played a huge role in making this song go viral and open doors for Olamilekan Agbeleshe.

This one is a pure club banger and I can confidently say it is now a continental anthem.

Rating: 9/10


Based on the individual ratings of the tracks above, I will score the ‘Who is Laycon’ EP project 8.30/10

‘Who is Laycon’ is an excellent project and we are hoping to see more works from this talented man after he is done with his mission in the Big Brother House… I bet the #FierceNation cannot wait.

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