Largest Data Centre in East Africa to be Powered by Solar Energy

Mettle Solar and Distributed Power (DPA) have announced a joint investment and collaboration into a solar energy venture to power the largest data centre in East Africa. This data centre is located in Nairobi, the capital Kenyan capital city of Nairobi.

Mettle, a Gridworks investee company, and DPA have invested in East Africa Data Centre (EADC) Asset Co, a company specifically set up to own and operate a 1MW solar plant that will power Liquid Telecom’s Data Centre ( the EADC) in Nairobi.

The solar power plant is expected to provide clean, low-cost and reliable energy to EADC, thereby helping to reduce the centre’s reliance on expensive and polluting diesel generator.

The EADC enables cloud service providers, carriers and businesses to host their critical data, cloud-based services, applications and back-end systems across the African continent. This development is coming at a time when data privacy and data residency are becoming increasingly important around the globe.

Speaking on this development, Gridworks CEO Simon Hodson said that: “Data centres play a significant part in boosting the digital infrastructure that is vital for improving internet access across Africa. However, they can be very energy-intensive, so it’s important that they can use green, low cost and reliable power. I’m proud that our investee company Mettle Solar, is investing in the energy infrastructure needed to run one of Africa’s fastest-growing data centres.”

CDC Group, the United Kingdom’s development finance institution, which owns and backs Gridworks, will also provide a debt funding facility to help see the project through. The facility vehicle would be made available to Mettle Solar via CDC Group’s Resource Efficiency Facility.

CDC is also happens to be a key shareholder in Liquid Telecom – it has a $40 million equity investment in Liquid Telecom, Africa’s largest independent fibre, data centre and cloud technology provider. This $40 million is their second investment in the company, following a $180 million equity investment in 2018.

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