Yellow Taxi Drivers in Lagos Imitate Uber Upon the Launch of Ride-Hailing Apps

Yellow Taxi drivers in Lagos are set to begin the use of a ride-hailing app just like Uber, Bolt and many others.

Univasa Nigeria Limited which is an information technology company, has launched a ride-hailing app for the Lagos yellow taxi drivers on Monday.

The ride-hailing app was dubbed “Baba Dey Online”, and is available for download on IOS and Google PlayStore.

The features on this application is identical to the features Uber and Bolt, and some other ride-hailing platforms.

The launching event which was carried out at its headquarters in Oshodi was honoured by the leadership and members of the Lagos State Taxi Drivers and Cab Operators Association (LSTDCOA).

Lagos yellow taxi drivers to use ride-hailing apps

During the course of the launch, Omolekan Taiwo, president of LSTDCOA, made it clear that the partnership with Univasa conveys that the association is available to adopt technology in its mode of operation across 283 parks and 16 branches in the state.

He criticized the bias against yellow taxis mainly concerning access to some paths and estates in Lagos.

Taiwo convinced the state government to approve of drivers utilizing the Univasa application as an equal basis to reach all roads and estates as practiced by other ride-hailing drivers.

“Since I emerged, the development of this association has been my priority. We have been in this business for a long time, we won’t allow newcomers in this line to take credit for the profession we are known for. Our mission is to improve on our practices and call back all members who left to return back to this job and sustain it,” he said.

“Univasa taxi apps came onboard at the right time, since technology is now the ultimate, we are ready to embrace univasa taxi apps for all our drivers and the general public for usage, we are going to bring back all our members that have left the association due to lack of technologies based apps into our folds.

“However, I want to use this medium to appeal to the Lagos state government through the ministry of transportation to give all the taxi apps users a level playing grounds by allowing the yellow taxi access into all estates in Lagos state.”

Ben Adeniyi, chief executive officer of Univasa, also reported that the company built the platform as a means of “hunger for innovation and technology”.

He explained that the company is implementing actions to assist drivers with mobile devices and modern taxi vehicles through some partnership deals.

“Today, we are officially launching BabaDeyOnline for users to download on IOS and Google PlayStore. This innovation will ease the stress of those who visit the taxi parks to order rides. We are leveraging on the perspective of the public to name this #BabaDeyOnline,” he said.

“With technology like Univasa app, you can book Lagos Taxi from the comfort of your home.”

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