Kizz Daniel’s ‘King of Love Album’ Review

Kizz Daniel, known outside of stage as Daniel Oluwatobilola Anidugbe is regarded highly on the Nigerian music scene and regarded as one top talent on the African continent. He is known to hardly have any bad songs hence the title of his sophomore album “No Bad Songs.”

Daniel studied Water Engineering at the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. And after university education, he headed straight for the music industry debuting his single titled “shoye” released under the G-Worldwide record label. However he was not really heard of until the DJ Coublon produced and mastered single “Woju” that he began to get national and international recognition.

Kizz Daniel followed “Woju” with other hit singles like Laiye, Mama, Good time, Yeba, Sofa, and Duro among others. His debut album ‘New Era’ won him the best pop album and album of the year at the 2016 ‘Headies Awards.’

In 2017, Kizz Daniel had a messy split with G-Worldwide record label, so he went on to form his own label, ‘FlyBoy Inc’ where he released his sophomore album. The album titled “No Bad Songs” was released in 2018 and featured the likes of Davido, Sarkodie, Nasty C, Diplo and Phikeyz.

Kizz Daniel released his third studio album on the 25th of June, 2020 which he christened “King of Love (KOL).” Just like his ‘New Era’ album where he had no features, this new one also has no features – he went at it all by himself.

Album Title- King of Love
Release Date – 25th of June , 2020
Genre – RnB, AfroPop, Afrobeat
Tracks – 17
Length – 47 minutes
Featured Acts – None
Label – FlyBoy Inc
Executive Producer – Kizz Daniel
Music producers- Coublon, Majorbangz, Tee-y-mix, One Sound, Atg, Runtinz , Teflon Zino, Philkeyz, Krizbeats, Qasebeatz, Young John, Fancy, Sugarboy, Lussh

I will be rating all the tracks on the album below based on my personal perception of them. I have been listening to music forever and practically love all good music irrespective of genre, as such I want to believe that I have the ear of an industry person – to cap it, I have worked both intimately and remotely with the music industry for years… once more, these ratings are based on how I hear the tracks and should not be taken as a passed judgement, they can however be a guide for you on what to look out for.

Track 1 – Jaho

He begins the album with worship and celebration of Jehovah God which seems like a fitting intro for an album. This track was produced by DJ Coublon. The track has actually been used by comedian Tahooma a lot in her skits, so this accounts for the popularity of the track for me even before the album was released as I watch Tahooma’s skits a lot. It is a bouncy track just like a good number of other songs on the album, and Kizz Daniel was effortless in his delivery.

Rating: 7/10

Track 2 – Ada

This is another bouncy track with a beat that takes you off your seat. It combines contemporary Afrobeat with Igbo traditional rhythm – this isn’t surprising due to the title being a popular name borne by girls of Igbo descent. The song was produced by Dj Coublon and Young John and both producers come on to do their things on the snares.

Rating: 7/10

Track 3 – Boys Are Bad

This track produced by Philkeyz and DJ Coublon has Kizz Daniel talking about how much of a jealous lover he is and what he is doing to protect his love interest from other guys. He says he is very aware that “boys are bad” and are likely looking to snatch his ‘boo’ away from him.

Rating: 5.5/10

Track 4 – We Wan Comot

This song is a definition of Afrobeat with delectable groove. This combination of instruments used by the producer Kriz Beats was just on point. If this song does not get you off your seat grooving and jamming, come and look for me and take your internet data back, Lol!

Actually, I have had this particular track and a couple others on repeat for the past two days.

Rating: 8/10

Track 5 – Aii

This was also produced by ‘Kriz Beats the Drummer Boy.’ On this track, Kizz Daniel asks his girl to look into his eyes, reassuring her of the special place she has with him – this is purely a cupid-inspired track.

Rating: 6.3/10

Track 6 – Pak ‘n’ Go

This song is a mood. It basically talks about a fastidious lady who is very picky about everything, from food, to gifts, to men to… you name it. The track is produced by DJ Coublon who does justice to yet another one.

Rating: 7/10

Track 7 – Need Somebody

This is a smooth track… The starting will get you hooked you instantly. However a part of Kizz Daniel’s lyrics at the start takes some marks off it. At a point he says “looking like a French and a Japanese come together to form family…” and I am like “what is that?” :/ I can’t relate, as in… It is an overall good track actually that talks about his need for somebody who will stay with him through the thick and thins of life.

It was put together Majorbangz and Tee-y-mix – production on point!

Rating: 7.15/10

Track 8 – Tempted to Steal

This is a slow tempo track, accompanied by some beautiful strings. Kizz Daniel serenades us with his smooth voice here and gives soothing commentary at points on the track. He talks about the possibility of his lover running away from him due to difficulties, as such he is tempted to go steal so as to be able to provide in order to keep his girl. The song was produced by Tee-y-mix

Rating: 6.5/10

Track 9 – Check

This is a quick tempo song produced by Selebobo who is known for producing Yemi Alade’s global smash hit. It is practically a dance/party song. It is a playful one to get the clubs pumping.

Rating: 6.5/10

Track 10 – Yapa

Here Vado a.k.a Kizz Daniel delivers spectacular Afrobeat. “My body dey do me like say make I release gbedu, if I drop na finito…” in fact, this line just had me. It is a perfect song for big boys party – the song is a mood. It was produced by Qasebeats and it is one to put on repeat.

Rating: 7.45/10

Track 11 – F**K You

This track had been very popular even before the release of the album. This is one song that created a lot of buzz and rumours months ago where people assumed that he did it for “possible love interest,” Chidinma of ‘Kedike’ fame. Though unconfirmed till date, many assume that Kizz Daniel and Chidinma dated at a point. A lot of artists both national and international jumped on the remix; the likes of Tiwa Savage, DJ Brytos, Prince Jo, Skibi, Dremo, Falz, Sarkodie, CDQ, Chinko Ekun, Lil Kesh, Qdot and others.

A lot of covers were also done to this track from all the 5 liveable continents around the world i.e. Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. The track was produced by “Young John – The Wicked Producer.”

Rating: 7.35/10

Track 12 – One Day

Here Kizz Daniel asks for the forgiveness from his girl who he seems to have wronged, promising to choose her always over others and asking to be given another chance. The track was produced by Krizbeats.

Rating: 5/10

Track 13 – Find A Bae

This track produced by ATG Music comes with spectacular bang. Kizz Daniel lays perfectly on the beat narrating how he is almost 30 years old and his Mom has been asking him to bring home a fiancee saying “find babay.” He however retorts that his delay in settling down and playing around is similar to the ways of his Pops.

Rating: 6.3/10

Track 14 – Padi

In fact, this track got me off my seat to do a review on the KOL album – it is my favourite track of the whole project. Kizz Daniel narrates his interest in a friend’s girl saying that he intends to snatch the girl because he knows his padi (friend) is cheating on the girl (kindly note that I do not endorse the betrayal of the bro code in any form, but the track is a real mood). Anyone should be able to play this song 50 times a day without getting bored – the track was produced by Runtinz.

Rating: 9.33/10

Track 15 – Chana

A track produced by Teflon Zino has Kizz Daniel doing a soothing rendition on a beat so well put together that the ‘Scott Torches’ of this world would envy. It is a groovy track combining contemporary rhythm with subtle African beats and percussion in the background. Here Kizz Daniel brings on some 18+ lines…

Rating: 6.51/10

Track 16 – Pipa

This is another Krisbeats produced song that Kizz Daniel once again does justice to. Here Kizz Daniel talks about how “Jah Jah” should bless his pipa. He talks about how he prays for more blessings so his parents, family and friends can benefit off his hustle.

Rating: 6/10

Track 17 – Hook

Sugarboy was one of the acknowledged producers on this track, he co produced with one sound, Lussh and Fancy. Kizz Daniel takes a relaxed approach on this jam which is befitting as a perfect outro for the album. Though it might not seem like it, but he actually raps on this track throwing in witty lines here and there and displaying his music versatility. It is a fun track that will get you hooked as the title says.

Rating: 7/10

Overall this is a good album to buy. Even though I believe that his “New Era” and sophomore albums were actually higher rated in my opinion, it does not make this album a bad one at all. Maybe I am looking at it because I believe that Kizz Daniel has such very high standard to meet due to his spectacular talent.

So based on the individual track ratings above, the whole album is a score of 6.82/10. You can also let me know your thoughts on what you make of both the album and my ratings.


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  • June 27, 2020 at 8:56 am

    Very well-done review. I largely agree with all of your ratings aside track 2, Ada I think that’s a 9/10 and Padi is so goo it should 9.9/10


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