Kimathi Rawlings is not on Twitter, Beware of Fake Accounts!

The office of late President Jerry John Rawlings has been forced to issue a statement about tweets purported to be coming from Kimathi Rawlings, the son of the former president.

There has been a lot of brouhaha over what was purported to be some tweets by Kimathi concerning Martin Amidu’s recent resignation from the position of Ghana’s Special Prosecutor.

The tweet was one which sort to take a political swipe at the government of the day and some big wigs in the opposition NDC had been seen spreading the tweets to make it seem genuine. This has forced the office of ex President Rawlings to issue a stern disclaimer to the effect that Kimathi Rawlings does not even make use of Twitter in the first place, as such any tweets attributed to him are all fake.

Kimathi who has been pretty much out of the public eye since “forever” became a sudden sensation when he alongside his sisters attended a vigil organised by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in honour of his late father who is officially the Founder of the party.

Pictures of the young man who is practically a spitting replica of his charismatic father went viral as many (especially the ladies) started “drooling” over him. It appears that some political actors decided to take advantage of the young man’s sudden popularity to push a certain propaganda that would inure to their benefit with the pending elections.

The office of the late President has therefore issued a strong statement in that regard so as to protect the young man from any form of unwarranted political exposure which he does not seem ready to dabble in.

Read the statement which was issued by the Secretary to Flt. Lt Jerry John Rawlings’ office, Mr. Kobina Andoh Amoakwa, below;

Kimathi Rawlings

It is the hope of the former President’s office that the Ghanaian public would take heed of this a be able to decipher fake news from what is real.

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