KiDi is Very Handsome – Cina Soul says on the Delay Show

Cina Soul is the latest guest to make a guest appearance on the Delay Interview TV Show and it was quite an interesting conversation.

Delay quizzed the Ghanaian musician about her craft and her journey through the showbiz industry. Cina was as usual her graceful self and looking all elegant and beautiful.

Delay asked her about the purported rumours that she and fellow musician and Lynx Entertainemnt signee, KiDi, had a relationship going on. This she denied, stating that in as much as she believes that KiDi is a nice looking gentleman, she had a serious boyfriend and had never been romantically involved with her fellow artist in any way.

Delay and Cina Soul are both old students of Aburi Girls Secondary School (ABUGISS), and at a point during the interview, they recounted their experiences back in their alma mater.

Watch the full interview below;

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