Kenyan Police Kill Three After Face Mask Row

Lessos, Kenya – Kenyan Police have shot and killed three people during a protest by motorbike taxi riders after the police arrested their colleagues for ignoring corona virus restrictions.

According to the BBC, the police in the western city of Lessos shot at a crowd of people who were involved in the protest.

Indications are that Police authorities have ordered the arrest of the officers involved in the shooting.

Kenyan police have come under serious criticisms due to the ways they have gone about enforcing the corona restrictions thus far.

How the Shooting Happened

There are a number of conflicting reports as to what exactly caused the shooting incident.

The Standard newspaper reports that a cobbler tried to intervene as a motorbike taxi driver was being harassed by a police man for not wearing mask.

Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper said that the police man was arguing with the motorbike taxi rider over a bribe of 50 Shillings (0.50 US Dollars).

In the ensuing heated argument, the police man is believed to have shot the 40-year old cobbler by name Lazarus Kirop dead.

This then catalyzed a protest as the people were incensed by Mr. Kirop’s death.

Hundreds of the town people followed the police back to their station and set a police officer’s house ablaze, this is according to the Daily Nation.

This then led a riot where the police shot into the crowd and killed two more people.

People have been Killed Since the Corona Virus Curfew Started

An official police statement says that the police intends to take “stern disciplinary action against any other officer found culpable.”

The authorities had introduced a night time curfew since the end of March this year as a way of stemming the spread of the new corona virus.

This has led to power excesses displayed by the police as the Kenyan police watch dog says that at least 15 people have so far been killed since the nationwide curfew began.

On Tuesday, a police man was charged with the murder of a 13 year old boy who was shot in March when he was innocently standing on a balcony of his home whiles watching some police officers enforce the curfew measures.

So rampant have the curfew-related killings by Police been that in June as the world protested the cold-blooded murder of Mr. George Floyd in the United States of America, Kenyans were on their side protesting against the killings and brutalities by the Kenyan police as they carried empty coffins through the streets of the capital Nairobi.

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