Kenyan Comedian Attempts Suicide

Kenyan Comedian, George Maina, known on stage as Njoro especially for his regular appearances on the Churchill show has recently revealed his battle with depression and how at a point he had tried to commit suicide.

The Star reports that the comedian disclosed to Zeddy in a conversation when the journalist visited him at his home in Nakuru.

The Kenyan comedian was thankful for Zeddy’s visit as he mentioned that he was currently going through hard times in both his personal and family and had even attempted suicide at a point.

“Life has not been easy at all and I contemplated suicide three times, but all of them failed. That’s God’s plans,” he said.

“Life has drained me mpaka nikaingia depression and it was bad. I’ve been on medication but things aren’t good,” he added.

He says that in addition to these, his dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer and he also has four children to fend for.

Njoro gained prominence during his regular featuring at the Churchill show. He says however after his fame began to wane, his friends neglected him.

He recalled the day he had planned to take his own life, until some one chanced upon him at the last minute, to rescue him.

“Last year in October, November and December was bad, and I did not post anything because I was in a bad state,” he revealed.

“I was saying my last prayer when a truck driver heard me. He put a towing rope on my car and after I was done with prayers. I was ready to die but the car wasn’t moving. He told me ‘hutafanya hio kitu’ and we attracted a crowd. The first suicide attempt, I took rat and rat and the second attempt, I bought dawa ya ng’ombe (a chemical used in cattle dips to clean animals),” he recounted.

He says he even tried to cut his wrist but that also didn’t work. He diagnosis that his depression was triggered by the neglect he faced especially from his friends when he was popularity and career fortunes dipped.

He says he is currently seeking help and would want to also have a shot at new jobs so he can be in a better place.

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