Kennedy Agyapong Forgives Ibrah Because he is Sick

Accra, Ghana – The Monday 23rd June, 2020 Seat Programme which shows on Net 2 is currently on-going and politician and Member of Parliament (MP), Kennedy Agyapong is on the show as a usual guest – Kennedy Agyapong also happens to be the owner of the TV station whose programme has become the audience’s favourite drawing over 50,000 viewers on YouTube alone and millions watching on television any time it shows.

Kennedy Agyapong and Socialite Ibrah have had social media and mainstream media spat over the past week. Ibrah had threatened both MP, Kennedy Agyapong and Ghana’s President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo last week and made damning statement on social media platform, SnapChat. The threat by Ibrah got the firebrand Kennedy Agyapong incensed so much so that he threatened to have Ibrah arrested for his allegedly questionable activities and the threat to the lives of himself and that of the President.

However, Ibrah’s elder brother Abbass, has been making frantic efforts to calm down the no-nonsense MP knowing how rootless he can be. Abbass apparently called Mr. Agyapong after it got to him that his younger brother had threatened the MP and the President and explained to him that his brother Ibrah had a mental condition and is supposed to be on medication which he hardly takes. Abbass came on ‘The Seat Show’ earlier before Mr. Agyapong appearance on the same programme to explain that his brother’s ailment causes him to go off sometimes. He also informed viewers that they had taken Ibrah to a psychiatric clinic to be treated – he is reported to have subsequently provided the MP and the TV station with Ibrah’s medical report as proof.

Kennedy Agyapong commended Abbass for his efforts towards saving his kid brother and said that he has decided to forgive Ibrah for insults and threats directed at himself and the President since he believes that it is coming from a place of mental instability as his medical reports show. He however says that he will not stop pursuing Ibrah to be accountable for his supposed questionable activities; he says he intends to pursue this particular part of the matter to the later to see to it that Ibrah and his cohorts pay for whatever they are responsible for.

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