Kaisha Is Evicted, Declares her Feelings for Neo!

Today’s BBNaija eviction show was a tension filled one as usual with every eviction night as Kaisha ended up being voted out.

The BBNaija Season 5 eviction show is being done differently from what we have been accustomed to for years. This year, the public nominates people who are up for weekly eviction and the housemates make the final call.

What happens is aside the Head of House (HoH) and deputy, the rest of the housemates are automatically put up for possible eviction. The four housemates with the least public votes are then put on the chopping board for their fellow housemates to determine who leaves.

This week, the four housemates with the least votes (in no particular order) were Kaisha, Neo, Wathoni and Triky Tee.

Kaisha and TrikyTee were one of the four people with the least votes last week when they stood alongside Eric and Tochi who eventually got evicted. Being up for the second week running was not a good feeling for the two and was palpable from their uncomfortable body language.

Neo being up for possible eviction for the first time got his girlfriend Vee very nervous as she had to be consoled by fellow housemates in order to have her gain her composure.

The final phase of the eviction process started with Big Brother calling in Kiddwaya to make his eviction vote, he voted Kaisha and Wathoni out. The rest of the housemates were also called in to make their votes known.

At the end of the housemates votes, Kaisha was voted out, making her the 5th housemates to be evicted from the BBNaija season 5 house.

Funny enough, it wasn’t the eviction that made the show interesting. What crowned the night was when Ebuka asked Kaisha about Neo on stage when she came out of the house.

She revealed that she had liked Neo right from when they went into the house earlier but Vee was faster than she was.

Ebuka then reminded her of what happened after last night’s party where she made some moves on Neo and also said that as far as she was concerned, everyone was still single in the house in reference to Neo.

When asked by Ebuka if she intends to shake Neo and Vee’s table after they come out of the house, she responded with a smile saying, “that is possible.”

Kaisha also adds that she intends to expand her skin care business and also further her education.

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