Kaffy Brings new Dance Trend; The Danceboss Challenge

Widely known Nigerian dancer, Kaffy, has commenced the very first edition of her ambition to empower young talents.

Kaffy hosted a dance reality competition that was tagged Fearless Danceboss Challenge.

23-year-old female dancer, Esther Sunday, is the first winner of the movement. Esther mesmerized the judges with her exceptional abilities and left the dance floor putting the judges in awe.

The finale of the event, which was supported by Kaffy Foundation, Fearless Energy Drink, Avon HMO and Afa Sports, took place in Lagos at the Madestic Entertainmeant studio.

Esther Sunday, also known as Queen Extel, received a cash award of N300,000 for her victory, a one-year life insurance policy that worth N1,000,000, and another one-year Health Insurance package named after Kaffy.

22 years old Osas Jaywise had the first runner-up position and was gifted N200,000 with life and health insurance trophies. 27-year-old Pwafukadi Japheth Ngbaranduma, also known as Jeremy J, had the second runner-up position and got a N100,000 cash prize and health and life insurance awards. The three finalist were also given Dance Boss Empowerment Kits to help improve their dance skills.

With smiles in her face, Esther said; “It’s a dream come true for me. Many times, while teaching my students, I have mimicked myself announcing my entry to a big stage as a winner of a show in my head. And it came to pass today as indeed, a dream come true. Apart from the competition aspect, I have gained a lot of knowledge on self-confidence, dance-preneurship and to impact the young generation.”

The host, Kaffy, said the Danceboss Challenge was not just about the dance competition, but was also to empower the next generation of professional dancers.

“We didn’t just want to do the regular dance competition. We wanted to create an empowerment platform that would help young talents to become functional professionals who can use their talents to do business and make generational wealth. I will continue to make myself accessible to these dancers for mentoring. That is what we have done with Danceboss. By the grace of God, Danceboss would grow beyond a show or competition to become an institution or academy where amateurs will walk in and be equipped with what they need to become professionals,” she said.

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