John Mahama Fixed Dumsor – Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress and producer, Yvonne Nelson has made it known that in her opinion, former President Mahama fixed the issues the country was facing with electricity, known in local parlance as “Dumsor”.

The actress who was known to be very critical of the Mahama government over its handling of the dumsor crisis made this statement after a twitter user who goes by the name of ‘Antaru Mashud’ accused her of “fighting” for President Akufo-Addo to be voted into power only for Ghanaians to end up “suffering” instead.

“@yvonnenelsongh is part of the reason why we suffering as citizens. She fought for Akufo-Addo to be voted and now look at us suffering. As for Sarkodie judgement day we will question him for running from the truth and lying to the public,” the twitter user wrote.

The tweet by Antaru appeared to imply that the “Dumsor Vigil” held by Yvonne Nelson which turned out to be a massive protest against the electricity situation in Ghana in 2016 under the NDC government was one of the catalyst which led Ghanaians to kick them out and consequently brought the NPP government to power.

Responding to the tweet, Yvonne Nelson stated that her campaign was simply to help improve the electricity situation back then and that it has nothing to do with campaigning for any political party to come into power.

“I understand you are dumb….let someone clever explain to you my dumber campaign was for Ghanaians to get their lights back on.”

She added, “which President Mahama fixed and nothing else.”

See screenshot of below:

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