WATCH: I’m not actively in a relationship, but I’m sleeping with somebody” – Peruzzi

Peruzzi, says that he has never been in a relationship before. The singer said this in an exclusive interview with Beat 99.9 FM following the release of his 2021 studio album “Rum and Boogie.”

The singer said he is not in an active relationship but he sleeps with someone. He then jokingly said all his exes have become feminists.

“I’m seeing many people but nobody is seeing me back. It’s a problem. No, I’m not actively in a relationship. Well, I’m sleeping with somebody. These days I run away, wahala no dey finish. My exes have turned feminists,” he said.

When asked about his opinion of relationships being overrated, he replied: “I don’t know, I haven’t been in a relationship. It’s just crazy. Single life, I’ll just keep sleeping with somebody.”

Peruzzi also shed light on his next move in his music career. The singer said he wants to do international collaborations for his next projects.

“I’m trying to do more international collaborations. I don’t even mean like yankee-yankee. Just like East Africa, as long as it’s cross-border. My target is Africa for now because I feel like that’s the next step,” the singer added.

When asked how he associates with other artistes on the DMW record label, he said: “I feel like focus is key when we come together to do something. I don’t think it’s about any particular individual but the group. It’s about what we’re supposed to achieve. Nobody is trying to be teh first to come up with teh best idea. We were supposed to do a DMW album last year but everyone got busy plus covid and all. I feel like it’s this year.”

In reaction to the claims that he and Chioma Rowland, Davido’s estranged fiancee, are cousins, Peruzzi said; “You know how you’ll be related but not blood-blood. You’d be like ‘my cousin, my cousin’ and everyone runs with that.”

Watch the full interview below;

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