I will Sue Kontihene – Angry Kwabena Kwabena

Hi-life artist, Kwabena Kwabena says that he intends to sue hiplife act, Kontihene.

He made this revelations whiles speaking with Nana Romeo of Accra 100.5 FM.

He said he had been forced to take this step based on the fact that Kontihene had been going around saying that he [Kwabena Kwabena] had been taking hard drugs instead of concentrating on his music career. He says it is palpable falsehood considering that he does not engage in such unscrupulous activities.

He also rebuts thstatement that Kontihene discovered him from obscurity and made him a household name. He said it is an erroneous impression for people to think that he was brought into prominence by the hiplife artist. “Everybody should stop saying that I am his boy, that is a wrong statement,” he said.

Kwabena Kwabena disclosed that he had worked with the likes of Kwaw Kesse, Tinny and Hammar way before Kontihene came to look for him. He adds that he actually helped Kontihene write his hit single ‘Esi,’ and that he did not even get even paid for it.

He says after the ‘Esi’ song became a hit, he worked with Kontihene on his [Kwabena Kwabena] own song ‘Aso’ which also went on to become a big hit. He admits that Kontihene played a prominent role in helping to promote the song after other big promoters had refused to help push it. He acknowledged the help he got from Kontihene in that regard, but he said relations between himself and the hiplife artist turned sour after it became obvious that it wasn’t going to be a fair association.

Kwabena Kwabena said that when his first album was eventually bought by a producer, he was short-changed by Kontihene even to the extent that an Opel Astra car he got from the deal was seized at a time by the hiplife artist.

The hi-life crooner also revealed that he was ill-treated by Kontihene at a show in Sunyani in 2006, and that was the final straw for him. He says it was at that point that he knew that he had to cut all ties with Kontihene.

He told Nana Romeo on the show that years later in 2013, he was invited to perform in Virginia, USA, where Kontihene had then moved to go reside, and he met his former friend (Kontihene) there. He says the relation had broke down so much by then that they never spoke to each other even though they went on to share the same stage at a point during the event.

Kwabena Kwabena says he was therefore surprised when in 2017, he received a call from Kontihene asking him to do a feature on a new track of his. He says upon consideration of the ill-treatments of the past and not wanting to have anything to do with the hiplife artist anymore, he refused to do the feature.

Watch the extended version of the interview below;

Kwabena Kwabena to sυe Kontihene

Kwabena Kwabena to sυe Kontihene

Posted by Winners Radio UK on Saturday, July 4, 2020
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