I Was Scared to Leave Mavin, Yemi Alade and I will Make a Song Soon – Tiwa Savage

The second part of Ebuka‘s interview with star songstress Tiwa Savage is as breathe-taking as the first part. She discussed a number of issues and it does not see as though the interview has been exhausted even with the part two, so we are probably to expect a part three.

During the interview, Tiwa spoke about the challenges of her marriage with Tee Bills and how it ended. She also mentons that she and her ex husband are now in a cordial place with no animosity.

She touched on the challenges she faced when trying to enter the industry and the challenges she is still facing as a female artist in the male-dominated field.

Ebuka asked her about what made her leave Don Jazzy‘s Mavin records, to which she said it was a mutual agreement and that she though that it was time for her to fly off on her own and try new stuff. She admits that the decision scared her, but she believed that it was something she had to do for herself.

When quizzed about the “supposed beef” she has with female female musician Yemi Alade, she says that she sincerely does not know where it comes from and believes that it is simply as a result of fans pitching them against each other. She confirms that Yemi and herself are in a good place now and she hopes that they can develop a stronger friendship.

She goes on to state that she intends actively pursuing a collaboration with Yemi Alade, and hopefully it would be a banger.

Watch the full part two interview with Tiwa Savage below;

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