I Only Went on Date Rush for the Exposure – Maame Akua

Maame Akua, one of the participants in the just concluded TV 3 Date Rush season spoke to Africa at Random over the weekend.

In the one-on-one chat session, she talked about many things ranging from her education all the day to how she came to become a part of the popular national dating show on television.

We started off the interview by asking her to introduce herself, but she refused to say her age in the middle of the introduction lol…

She also mentions that she is currently a third year student of the University of Ghana where she’s pursuing a first degree in Sociology. In addition to being a student, she also runs her own make-up company called Blush.Glow.

When quizzed as to why she went on national television to announce her “search for love”, she answered by saying that the main reason she actually went on the show was for the exposure it gives.

Watch the full interview in the video below;

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