I got Scammed by a Lady, Please Help. Man Cries

A Nairalander user by name Nusdog narrated an ordeal of how he got scammed by a lady. In his narration, he said that he had approached the lady to help him make a love connection with her younger sister. He says being excited about the prospects of getting a girlfriend, he advanced the lady some payments to help seal the deal only for it to turn out as a scam.

Read his narration below;

I know I let my guards down. So there was this lady who I would call Miss T. She was introduced to me by her senior sister who I knew through a facebook group. Since I told her I needed a girl for a serious relationship, she said she will link me to her younger sister in Akungba, Ondo state.

So, fast forward to when I began speaking with Miss T, she agreed to come to see me in Lagos but complained of not having enough for transport. So due to the recommendation i got that she was a good lady, I sent her N11, 000 as transport.

So after sending her this money, only for her to call me on the eve of the day she was supposed to come. that one of her relative was ill. So I just had this feeling that this was too coincidental to be true.

So I tried to cajole her to return the money since I sensed she was trying to play smart with me. She said no problem. That I can send my account number, which I did. After waiting for 3 days, I chatted her up on whatsapp that I’m yet to see any alert from her. Only for her to tell me she needs money for now.

So I said she is supposed to keep her promise of returning it, after which, she blocked her on whatsapp. I contacted her senior sister who linked us and her response too wasn’t satisfactory to me.

So I’m really bitter with how the whole episode played, any chances of me recovering my money? just pained why someone will block me on top of my money. Please help.

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