“I don’t do Instagram relationships” – Actress Nkechi Blessing

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has revealed why she is not following her politician boyfriend on social media.

According to Nkechi Blessing, who was obviously referring to those monitoring her life, she is not following her boyfriend on social media because she does not need to show her affection for her lover online. She criticized those who take their relationships to social media, saying it is child’s play

She added that she likes showing her feeling to her boyfriend privately and not on social media. She also sent a note of warning to those interested in celebrity relationships, telling them to check the pages of other celebrities adding that her life is not for entertainment.

Taking to Instagram, the actress wrote;

“I don’t do Instagram relationship, this one no be child’s play… so I don’t need to follow him on Instagram or even like his pictures, I show him love off the gram… It’s my relationship, not our relationship… the earlier you jobless monitoring spirit realizes that, the better… Go to oda celebrity page and enjoy the couple goals you seek… this one is real life Goals and not for entertainment #GROWN!!”

In reaction to this, some social media users took to the microblogging App to leave their opinions concerning the actress’ post. While some Nigerians supported her, some accused her of chasing clout.

See some reactions gathered from social media below.

@darreal5 wrote “But we know say she sabi chase clout with such things na. Abi when she and him dey kiss upandan who send u to post am??? Yeye dey smell”

@topesugarlips wrote “Most sensible tin I will hear from her mouth… keep your relationship off social media.Gbam”

@tasha_xhosa wrote “She’s entitled to what she wants !!! You never know what she’s been through”

@theesunflower_ wrote “just shut up”

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