I Chose Music Because I am Ugly – Ay Poyoo

Ghanaian comic rapper, Emmanuel Yeboah popularly known as Ay Poyoo has revealed that he chose to go into music instead of becoming the doctor as his mum wished because he is ugly.

In an interview with Deloris Frimpong-Manso popularly known as Delay, he announced that his mother had always wanted him to become a doctor.

“From my childhood days, my mother always told me that she wanted to see me become a doctor in the future…” Ay Poyoo revealed.

Ay Poyoo said he is fully aware most doctors are handsome but with the kind of face, he has he was sure he couldn’t become a doctor because he would scare the patients but he is thankful his music career has been accepted.

“Imagine you go into a coma and then upon waking up you meet a doctor like me standing in front of you at the hospital, what will you do? I’m very sure you’ll die again out of shock,” AY Poyoo stated.

According to AY Poyoo, he realized that he’s very ugly and started wondering how he came to this world with such an ugly face considering the fact that his face can kill another human being.

Being quizzed about who he resembles Ay Poyoo said he resembles his dad.

“The first day I looked at myself in the mirror I asked myself if I was downloaded from play store or if I was drawn on a paper, pasted on a wall and removed again,” the rapper said.

Ay Poyoo mentioned that he believes in himself so well that no one can convince him to do anything they want him to do.

As a musician, AY Poyoo has a unique way of standing out with the use of rusted chains on his neck and a Goat to make his song stay in the public eye.

Would you consider Ay Poyoo as a musician or a comedian?

Watch Ay Poyoo’s Full Video With Delay Below:

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