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Chinedu Okoli, also known as Flavour N’abania, Nigerian singer and songwriter has recently opened up on his feelings for beautiful women in an interview.

The artiste, who is mostly known for his love songs, while talking about his stride into the music Industry with media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, revealed his relationships with various women who came into his life.

When he was asked how he feels about people’s impression of him as a womanizer, the singer said; “That’s people judging, you know. As long as you are in the public eye, you would get stuff like that. It was never planned, though I cannot deny that I love beautiful women. I am an African man, not a white man. I have taste too with women. I don’t just go with anything.”

He also noted how difficult it was for him to deal with women because of his career.

He said, “I knew that with my job at some point, it was going to be very difficult with women.”

Flavour, however, noted that he is always happy whenever he sees his children. He said, “I am very happy, when I look at the kids, and I believe that is all that matters. I am so happy because I never expected everything to happen this way. When you also look at the positives, you would see happiness in it. You have to take it. This is life and you have to live it. I swallow everything and get on with it. I make myself happy.”

When he was questioned on why he is based only on the type of music he makes, Flavour said, “It is not about money. It is about being original. My style is highlife, RnB and contemporary jazz. I stuck with highlife because I want to be original. I want to be remembered for something. I am also adding culture to my sound. I want you to know I am coming from somewhere. When you hear my sound, you would think about the eastern part of Nigeria. That is my pride. That should not limit me or the way you see me. We need to celebrate all we have. People ask me if my kind of music is afrobeats. But, I tell them it is highlife. Why are there no awards with categories like ‘Best Highlife Song’, and ‘Best Fuji Song’. Why is everything about afrobeats? We are limiting ourselves. Afrobeats is great but there is more to Africa than that. We don’t need other people to bring it out for us. Is it until Barack Obama, or Beyonce tell us they love high-life music? We can start it from here.”

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