I am Glad I left the House, Eric Took Advantage of Me – Lilo

The second house mate to be evicted in this season’s Big Brother Naija show (BBNaija), Lilo, has spoken to Ebuka in her first interview since exiting the house.

In her interview with show host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, she revealed that she was happy that she got evicted as her relationship with Eric was getting out of control.

She added that she felt that the guy took advantage of the fact that he knew that she had weaknesses when it comes to him. She also apologized to her fans, stating that she got carried away by her emotions and placed “being loved up” ahead of herself and her goals for the show.

I feel like I put my feelings and emotions before my goals, I was like carried away.
My friendship with Eric didn’t happen too fast, but we catching feelings definitely happened too fast.
I Just wanted to be his friend, but he told me it’s me he wants.
When I am by myself, I think, but when Eric is with me, I don’t. I felt like he took advantage of the fact that I was weak towards him being sweet and my cuddle buddy.” she said

Watch the full interview below;

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