How to Make Nigerian Jollof Rice

Hello guys, today we are going to learn how to make Nigerian Jollof Rice… yum yum 🙂

The last time I did a session on jollof, it was about the Ghanaian jollof rice making process – in truth, there isn’t much difference between how Ghanaian or Nigerian jollof is made, there are just a few processes and steps that makes them apart.

For this food episode, I chanced on a tutorial by The Joyful Cook on YouTube. In the video, she takes her time to give a step-by-step teaching process on how to get the best out of your ingredients to make the most sumptuous of meals.

She lists the needed ingredients as follows;


18 standard measuring cups


4 fresh tomatoes

5 large onions

5 shallot

11 red bell peppers

3 scotch bonnet pepper

Oil for frying’

10 garlic cloves

3 thumb size Ginger

2 tea spoons of curry powder

5 tea spoons of thyme

8 tea spoons of white pepper

3 table spoons of smoked paprika

1 table spoon of salt

2 table spoons of all purpose seasoning


Goat meat 1500g

2 tea spoons of thyme

2 tea spoons of curry powder

5 tea spoons chicken seasoning

2 tea spoons all purpose seasoning

5 small garlic cloves

2 tea spoons of cloves

1 thumb size Ginger

Half onion

2 shallots

Before we start the coking process, for those who are alien to jollof rice, it was originally a meal of the wollof people in the ‘Sene-Gambia’ (Senegal and Gambia). But over the last couple of decades however, the meal has become practically owned by Ghanaians and Nigerians as they have found a way to “commoditize” it and even do have periodic friendly banter about whose jollof tastes better on social media.

Now let’s watch as she guides us the step by step process on how to make Nigerian Jollof Rice;

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