How to Make Authentic Beans Stew

Hello readers 🙂 once more, I’ll be doing this piece on beans stew from my favourite YouTube Chef, Perpetual Asiamah once again.

Beans Stew is a popular dish eaten in West Africa and I will be happy to know what my readers think about it. Especially those who are not familiar with West African cuisines.

The process of making beans stew seems pretty much straight forward as Perpetual explained in 5 minute video below.


The ingredients she used for this cooking session are listed as follows;

2 cups of Black eye peas (beans)

1 cup of Palm oil

2 large onions bulbs

Fermented fish (momone)

About a thumb size or more of tomatoes

Aabout 5 medium scotch bonnet pepper

Petite bell chilli (kpakposhito) – 5-10 (use less if you don’t like spicy food)

Smoked fish- mackerel and/or tuna (or any meat of choice)

SALT- TO TASTE; watch the amount, depending on how much “momone” you use

The Preparation

She starts the process of cooking by picking out the dirt and debris that might be present in the beans grains.

I bet you’re not expecting me to type out the entire process when there is a simple explanatory video to watch LOL.

Watch the step-by-step guide to making your delicious beans stew as demonstrated below;

I hope you enjoyed the session and was able to try it out, so do let me know what you think and how your food turned out.

And for those who have just taken note and intend to try this out much later, kindly do come back to leave a comment when you finally do prepare the meal.

Beans or Black Eyes peas have been known to be a good source of protein and I believe that this is a dish that we should all take regularly in order to meet our protein requirements.

Until the next food episode, bon appetit!

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