Ghanaians Do Not Fear God Anymore – Rev. Lawrence Tetteh

President of the World Miracle Outreach (WMO) and Lawrence Tetteh Ministries (LTM), Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, has chastised Ghanaians for neglecting God for worldly satisfaction.

As a result, the country is beset with unimaginable challenges and vices that seek to undermine its development and economic progress.

“Ghanaians today do not fear God. The love of money supersedes all good thinking. Today, corruption is the new barometer,” Rev. Tetteh bemoaned during a news briefing on Wednesday, April 28, 2021, in Accra ahead of a 31-Day Prayer Rally dubbed: “This Nonsense Must Stop.”

“In the midst of all of this nonsense, our religious leadership is silent, our faith is diminished, and the country is being led astray by lack of godliness and the fear of God,” he added.

The man of God called on well-meaning Ghanaians to return to the fear of God and godliness for “we are all responsible and equally guilty for the state of lawlessness and lack of godliness in our country.”

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