Ghana: NDC Responds to Worlasi’s Claim of Music Right Infringement

Ghanaian alternative music artiste, Worlasi, has accused the country’s leading opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of playing his song at their manifesto launch without his consent or prior authorisation.

The musician’s ‘One Life’ song was practically used as one of the theme songs at the manifesto launch of the National Democratic Congress’ which was held at UPSA in Accra.

Worlasi who appeared not to be enthused about the situation took to his social media platforms to call out the party and demand payments.

Reacting to Worlasi’s social media cry, a spokesperson of NDC’s manifesto on the creative arts, Sadiq Abdulai Abu revealed that The Party is taking the right measure to resolve the issue.

 “It has come to the attention of the party and in fact, we have reached out to his management team and we are seeking to resolve it as much as possible. So yes, we have the full details now, we are going back to try to get the other details to try to confirm to fully what happened. So that can inform the next step we take on this”. he said

he added:  “So, as I said initially when he ranted, we wanted details in terms of which song was played and at what point of the event. We got that and we reached out to his management to sort of get fuller details. When we are done don’t forget that as a party, we are dealing with different suppliers and different teams working on the event and you need to be clear that whatever initial conclusions that we all have is the case, then you can know how to move forward with this“.

“Really and truly its no issue, this is a party that we are law-abiding and of course as a party, there is a team in charge of creative arts that understand these matters as well. And it is our duty to ensure every creative gets its due from their sweet,” he added.

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