Funny Face Fights With his Ex Wife in Public

Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face, has been seen in a new viral video where he is involved in fisticuffs with the mother of his twin daughters.

For the better part of the last one year, the comedian is known to have been in a battle of emotions and custody of his children since he had a fall out with his baby mama/ex wife.

Funny Face claims that there are certain individuals who have been poisoning his ex wife’s perception about him that is why they have had a lot of strain in their relationship, leading to the eventual divorce.

In the new viral video, the comedian’s ex is seen holding his shirt tightly whiles they both hurl insults at each other. Many have asked them to make their issues private but it appears that the comedian always takes the slightest opportunity to broadcast to the world the domestic issues he is having, and this is beginning to strain his relations with certain individuals like former Togolese international footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor.

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