Former Lagos Commissioner Collapses and Dies in a Peace Gathering

Chief Enoch Ajiboso, A former Lagos State Commissioner for Agriculture and Eesa of Inisa town in Odo-Otin Local Government Area of Osun State, has been confirmed dead after heading a peace gathering between Muslim communities.

It was revealed that the former chairman of Agege Local Govt slumped while he was settling a dispute between the town’s Islamic community over who gets to be the community’s chief Imam.

Adetoyi Abimbola, a community chief, verified the event and said the former commissioner slumped and died while encouraging the community to embrace peace.

According to cheif, the former commissioner checked his blood pressure and drove himself to the gathering on Sunday, December 20.

“We did not know that such could happen to him because he checked his blood pressure and it was like 110. “He tried to pacify the factions in the crisis and was very philosophical. He was pleading with both parties to be calm and see the outcome being peaceful. It was along the line that he slumped and was rushed to the hospital. It all happened inside the town hall. I sat next to him,” he said.

“It amused us all. He was humble and a role model for us all.” he added

Police representative, Yemisi Opalola, indicated that Chief Ajiboso was instantly taken to a hospital as he slumped and was verified deceased last Sunday. Opalola explained that the late Ajiboso was overseeing a peace gathering among the Islamic community when he fainted.

He was quickly rushed to the hospital and was later confirmed dead. Late Chief Ajiboso, a role model to many, slumped and died while trying to make peace reign between the Muslim community that was in dispute over who gets to become the next chief Imam. The incident surprised the Muslims who witnessed the occurrence and they let out their feelings of shock. They said they never expected the situation and they could not do anything until it was too late.

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