FIFA is Looking into Didier Drogba’s Disqualification for FA Presidency

World football governing body, FIFA, has set up a Committee to look into the ongoing electoral dispute in the Ivorian Football Federation (FIF), of which centre stage is the disqualification of football legend Didier Drogba from contesting the position of President.

The Committee will be hearing from all stakeholders, including the former Chairman of FIF’s electoral body, René Diby, FIF’s General Secretary, Sam Etiassé and, possible, Didier Drogba, whose candidacy is at the centre of the upheaval.

René Diby resigned his position after Etiassé accused him of accepting Drogba’s application due to public pressure and some alleged death threats.

The Committee is set to consist of two representatives from FIFA – Rolf Tanner and Sarah Solémalé – two yet-to-be-named representatives from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and one rep from the Union of West African Football Associations (WAFA).

The Background Story

Didier Drogba’s hopes of contesting the Ivorian Football presidency polls appeared to be over just last Thursday after his application was invalidated. However, his aspiration seemed to have been handed a lifeline by football’s world governing body, FIFA who directed that the polls be suspended citing possible “third party interference.

“Pending your documents and information, we invite you to suspend all actions relating to the electoral process until further notice,” FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura wrote to FIF’s electoral commission.

“Some say that the commission has been prevented from exercising its activities in total calm and an independent manner because of outside interference.”

Reports are that FIFA has also asked for a full list of Electoral Commission members and the minutes from four meetings, including one in July where the new electoral commission president was elected and one in August involving FIF’s Executive Committee.

Drogba’s candidacy had been initially validated, despite some issues with his application, leading to the suspension of the elections and FIF’s Electoral Committee.

FIFA, however, reinstated the Committee and the elections, with the Ivorian football electoral body opting to rather invalidate the footballer’s candidacy.

This has created a lot of brouhaha in the Football fraternity and casting a lot of shadows on the upcoming elections, it is therefore not surprising that the world football governing body has chosen to step in and straighten things out.

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