Europeans Should Accept Polygamy Before Ghana Will Accept Homosexuality – Ras Mubarak

Ghanaian politician Ras Mubarak says Europeans have no moral right to push LGBT down Ghanaians throat because they still persecute polygamists.

According to the former Member of Parliament for Kumbungu, Europeans have no business telling Ghanaians what they should accept in their society and what they shouldn’t.

Ras Mubarak joined the never-ending argument about the establishment of LGBT offices in Ghana through a Facebook post yesterday.

He said European laws on polygamy are not different from Ghana’s laws on homosexuality and ought to be respected without one side forcing the other to accept it.

Since Ghanaians can’t tell Europeans to stop persecuting polygamists,” he wrote on Facebook. “Europeans have no business telling us what we must accept in our society and what we shouldn’t.”

He called on government to put the press under control and monitor their activities relating to promotional content on the LGBT.

“There has to be a legislation that reprimands media houses which air pro-LGBTQI views and content. Would these media houses give cybercriminals or drunk drivers to use their platform to encourage others to commit cybercrime or drink and drive?” he asked.

On foreign diplomats’ involvement, he said “it is unacceptable for some diplomats to decide to disrespect their host nation and take part in a meeting with a bunch of people whose activities are illegal under Ghanaian laws.”

“I hope, I really do hope that government would have the courage to declare these diplomat’s persona non grata. Parliament must rise to the occasion and legislate, to curb the brazen airing of views of LGBTQI. It must strength existing legislation,” he added.

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