#EndSARS: Nigerians in Paris Hold Protest in Solidarity

In solidarity with the movement back home in Nigeria, compatriots in the French city of Paris have also held a corresponding protest to make their grievances against SARS and the entire Nigerian Police Force known.

The EndSARS protests which started nationwide in Nigeria over a week ago has now become a global phenomenon as corresponding protests have been held at Nigerian consulates in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Ghana and now in France.

The protestors in Paris numbered around 200 as they gathered close to the Nigerian embassy in Paris at the Victor Hugo Avenue to make their views known about the atrocities being committed by the Nigerian Police against its own citizens. They protested the Police brutalities back home; their extortions and extra judicial killings among others.


At a point during the protests, the coordinators called out the names of people who had been maimed by SARS, and they went on to dedicate the event of the day to them.

Beyond the Police ill treatments, the protestors also decried the sub-par standard of governance that the country had been witnessing for decades, and have thus decided to add to the voices of their kith and kin back home to demand an accountable and just governance system that gives hope to young Nigerians.

They plan to convene again tomorrow, Saturday 17th, 2020, but this time it would be at the world famous Eiffel Tower, so that the attention of the world can be brought to bear on the situation at hand.

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