E.L’s Leaks1 EP Review

EL, one of Ghana’s foremost MCs decided to drop a project on his fans this afternoon without prior notice. The project is a 3-tracked EP which has got the all of Ghanaian social media going wild. Even though it is a 3-tracked project, EL featured six young cats on it.

I intend to delve in and give my views and ratings below. Kindly note that these ratings are subject to my views and perspective and not to be considered as judgement on the artist’s work. However, with my years of listening to music and being an industry person both from close-by and afar, for a sizeable number of years, I believe that I have enough of a pundit and music listener’s ears to make inputs.

Now to business!

Track 1 – Change My Story

This is the first track on the EP and E.L got three other MC’s to jump on it – these are medical doctor and rap artist LayLow, Kwame Dame and Tradey. The track is a pure hip hop song for the rap lover but LayLow’s sweet hook delivery gives the song a commercial feel which would make it an easy-listening for even people who do not necessarily vibe with the rap genre. And to think that LayLow is equally good at delivering bars as he is at giving hooks, it is surprising that he dropped just about 4 bars for his rap – imagine what the track would have been if he had gone full “ham!”

This is an inspiration and mind resetting track that E.L kicks off by imploring listeners to get motivated to aspire to higher heights. Kwame Dame mixes twi with English and flows effortlessly going in and out and Tradey displayed pure dexterity and hitting hard. The track has a good beat and they all sat well on it. This song is one that African hip hop pioneers like Ghana’s Reggie Rockstone and Nigeria’s Mode 9 will be proud of.

Rating: 8.41/10

Track 2 – Moses

E.L introduces us to Blackway on this track and I must say that this young man is a ball of talent! He is effortless in switching styles. Blackway is the real spirit of a rap gee. Truth is the young cat almost had one over E.L on this track; he is that good – he has his own ways, but he also mixes styles from B.O.B, Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

E.L also drops bars for days on this and makes it a complete hip hop track. This is actually my favourite of the project – actually I am still torn between tracks 1 and 2, but track 2 is really up there.

Rating: 8.70/10

Track 3 – Respect

E.L brings on young but familiar face in the person of Yung Pabi who non surprisingly shows his talent on this track going in hard. This track which is one that most hip hop heads will bop to.

Yaaro K also performed satisfactorily on this but I will like to say that his hook was ahead of his rap delivery here as he didn’t put much heart into the rap in comparison to the effort he put into delivering a perfect hook. E.L reigned supreme on this one too.

Rating: 7.95/10

It is overall a good project, especially for one which was dropped impromptu and based on the averages of the individual track ratings above, I will give the EP an 8.35/10.

Do let me know what you think; Do you agree? Do you have an alternative view?

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