Davido and Stonebwoy Didn’t Touch Me – Boy Retracts Allegations

The guy who a few days ago had claimed that he had been physically assaulted by musicians Davido and Stonebwoy has retracted his allegations.

The guy had earlier claimed that he had received a series of slaps and beatings from Davido and Stonebwoy during a recent music video shoot in Aburi.

But the guy has released a new video making a U-turn on his earlier claims. In a new twitter post, he says that he was seeking to clarify the situation. He explains that it was rather the entourage of both artists that accosted him.

He further says that it was actually the artistes who were rather begging on his behalf to be left alone by their entourage.

It is even further revealed the Stonebwoy gave the guy money after receiving slaps from his body guards, it is therefore astonishing that he released the first video to tarnish the images of the artistes.

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