Comedian Henry Desagu Wants to Date Nadia Mukami

Rising and popular comedian from Mwihoko, Henry Desagu, has recently spoke about his dating and love life during an interview.

The award-winning entertainer who was born Ithagu Kibicho, is the true definition, of resilience after enduring years of hardships and he is now in the spotlight.

From having to camp at a friend’s house for months and offer to do all the house chores because he could not afford to foot his own bills, he is now living a very comfortable life, far from what he used to be accustomed to.

He is now one of Kenya’s leading comedians, gracing top shows and landing big brand bug ambassadorial deals because of his unique brand and authenticity.

The comedian well-known for his signature Ombwedede phrase, identified a gap in the comedy industry and lived up to fans’ expectations ever since.

Henry Desagu has solidified his place on the Kenya comedy scenes by making fun of real-life examples in the society of today, such a way that is easily relatable by to his audience.

He currently has over 300 funny videos on his YouTube which earns him at least KSh800k ($7,500) monthly.

During his interview on BonganaJalas, the young entertainer admitted Kenyan pop-star, Nadia Mukami is his celebrity crush and would be quite interested in dating her and even growing old together with her.

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