Comedy Godfather, Alibaba debunks infidelity Allegations

Veteran Nigerian comedian, Alibaba, has recently taken to social media to debunk rumours that he was having an affair with another woman outside his marriage to Mary Akpobome. The legendary comedian, who got married to his wife in 2006, took to social media to clear the air regarding the infidelity allegations leveled on him.

Recall that Alibaba was accused of cheating of wife. His wife allegedly kicked him out of their house at Victoria Garden City over the allegations leveled agannst him.

It was then revealed that Alibaba had since relocated to his office after he was sent packing from their home.

It was claimed that Alibaba’s wife hired a private detective to investigate the case, who helped her discover that her husband was in an affair and had a child with a London based lover.

It was also alleged that Alibaba’s wife was already aware of her husband’s extra-marital affairs, but decided to keep quiet hoping that the truth will someday come out.

There were also rumours that Mrs Akpobome confessed to some of her friends that she knew about her husband’s affair with the Londoner, adding that her husband’s affair with another woman was unacceptable and unforgivable.

Reacting to the allegations leveled against him, the comedian shared a picture of himself with his wife smiling and explained that he and his wife had been receiving calls and messages regarding their marriage status.

He wrote;

“We have gotten calls and messages about the status of our marriage. We are still married and we thank everyone who sent messages and were concerned about the rumour which started because I was not home during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

“There was no need to explain to everyone that I was in isolation. And we thank God I pulled through. We appreciate your best wishes.”

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