Come, Let’s Tour The Volta Region of Ghana

The Volta Region is on of the sixteen regions of the Republic of Ghana with Ho as its capital. It situated to the west of the Republic of Togo and to the east of the Lake Volta.

It is one of the most beautiful regions in Ghana and i will personally describe it as a zone of peace, it can be an ideal location when you want to go away from the hustle and bustle of city life and experience the rawness and realness of nature. To provides the right logistics and facilities for you to hike, relax at the beach and be cozy. And in case you choose to experience a culture of ingenious people, indigenous, good food and other natural stuff, the Volta region should be your go-to.

Below are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss exploring this beautiful region in Ghana anytime you have an opportunity to, or want a place of tranquility.

1. Beautiful Views from Mountain Tops

Of course, we cannot talk about Volta without mentioning the beautiful mountains that are scattered across the region. It has a number of maountans, but the three most prominent ones are ‘Afadjato’ (“to” in ewe means mountain), so you can say Mt Afadja. Then Mount Gemi and Mount Adaklu.

Fans of hiking should surely endevour to get an experience climbing to the top of Mount Afadja to enjoy a beautiful view. Mountain Afadja is 4 hours away from Accra, whiles Mount Gemi is 3 hours away.

Volta Region
Welcome to Afadjato
Volta Region
View from Mount Afadja

2. The Waterfalls

One of the distinguishing things about the Volta Region is its water falls. They are so huge and beautiful that it is likely to take your breathe away. There are about 12 waterfalls in the Volta Region and the popular ones are Wli, Afadja South, Tagbo, Amedzope, Tafi Agome water falls among others.

You will definitely love to experience a waterfall shower at Wli and the other, you should have this on your bucket list.

Wli Waterfalls

3.The Beaches and Resorts

Have I already mentioned how much i love the beach? O yeah, I can do anything just to be at the beach, and when i think about clean, relaxing, beautiful beach, I think the Volta Region… for tourism, the Volta Region has practically all you can ask for.

Keta has some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts on the surface of this planet. Not only that but there are also beautiful vast lagoon in town that would give you the much needed ambience.

Well when thinking of water bodies and resorts, I will recommend the areas around Keta, Dzita, Anloga, etc, personally my favorite resorts in the region are GhanaMeetmetherelodge, Aborigines Beach resort, Eli beach resort and Tsarley Kope beach resort.

GhanaMeetMeThere Resort

4. Good Food

Where my foodies at ? You cannot visit the Volta region without trying the Ewokple and “Abobi tadi” delicacies, these are two of some of the most famous dishes eaten in the region its just apt that as a visitor to the region, you do the needful by having a taste of them and likewise adding them to your gastronomic lexicon. The dish is made primarily with maize and enjoyed with small fishes called herrings alongside some grounded pepper.

Volta Region
Ewokple with Abobi tadi

You can also try the Yam fufu, “Abolo”, Turkey tail and bread, Banku with okro soup dishes as well. Do not hesitate to taste anything that will be presented to you, unless you have some food allergies.

Thing is, most of the foods from the region are tasty.

Volta Region

5. The People

The people of the region are very warm, welcoming and generous. The Volta region is predominantly made up of people from the Ewe ethnic group, there are however other ethnicity found there as well, including the Guans and the Gurma.

A remarkable fact about the people is that they wouldn’t hesitate to be of help to any stranger. You will be informed about their history, their activities without asking much about it. You can be taught how to weave Kente, or help the fishermen pull their net.

Volta Region
Craftmen Weaving Kente

With just these little details I have given you about the region, should you not be geared up to make a trip to the region, then I will be astounded.

My Travel company, QMTours, is organising an exploration of the region from the 23rd to 25th of October 2020 (which is next month), you should come along. See the details of the trip in the flyer below.

Volta Region

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