Chimamanda Adichie recounts how her mother died 8 months after her father’s death

Renowned author, Chimamanda Adichie has returned to social media nearly two months after her mum’s death to pen down tribute to her mother. Chimamanda lost her mother on March 1, 2021.

The author’s mother died on the day that should have been her father’s 89th birthday, exactly 8 months. Her father, Prof. James Adichie died after he battled a brief illness in June 2020.

Since the death of her mother, Chimamanda stayed off social media. However, the author has returned on April 28 to pay tribute to her mother.

The author took to her Instagram page to share photos she took with her mother, including one she took with her mother on her wedding.

Captioning the post, Chimamanda wrote; “How does a heart break twice?”

Narrating the death of her mother, Chimamanda said Mrs Adichie, had gone to work at ASUBEB in Awka on Friday, Feb 26, but her assistant told her she looked a bit tired.

She went to Church for the Stations of the Cross after work, since it was lent. According to the author, Mrs. Adichie went to a shop near their house on Saturday, February 27, to watch the cars and people passing by.

Chimamanda then revealed that Mrs. Adichie went for Mass on Sunday, but was later feeling unwell in the evening and was later taken to a private hospital.

On Monday morning, on her late husband’s birthday, the doctor of the private hospital told them she was feeling better. The Doctor then revealed Chimamanda’s mother was going to be transferred to the Teaching Hospital because that have better facilities.

Chimamanda then wrote that her mother died few hours after they had gotten to the Teaching Hospital.

“Two hours after she arrived at the Teaching Hospital, she died,” she wrote.

Chimamada revealed that they were planning to officially mark the end of the formal mourning period for her father with a ceremony, now she cannot believe that they are now planning for another funeral.

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