Burna Boy Explains Why he Has not Been Able to Join #SARSMUSTEND Protests

At the start of protests against the Nigerian Police’s SARS department, many folks had expected afrobeat artiste, Burna Boy to chime in both via social media post and being physically on the ground in one way or another. Almost 24-hours after the protests started, people had not heard anything from the Afrobeats crooner, and this led to a lot of “social media dragging,” as they lampooned the musician for not being with his fans and the youth of Nigeria.

The castigations of Burna Boy went on non-stop for a full day, later on, his British-Jamaican girlfriend, Stefflon Don had to come out in a tweet to tell fans that Burna Boy was dealing with some personal issues and was working behind the scenes to contribute his quota to the protests. This did not still seem to go down well with people as they kept on with the social media raid on the musician.

It was so dire to the extent that all Burna songs were banned at protest venues.

A few hours later, Burna Boy tweeted indicating that he had rented a number of billboards across Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, to help give volume to the protests. These billboards were spread across a number of places in the city. The gesture appeared to have calmed the nerves of some protestors, whiles some others still remained unfazed, as they continued the “Burna Boy castigations.”

Yesterday however, Burna Boy was forced to further clarify the personal issues he was under as his name was still being dragged. Apparently, his mom (affectionally referred to as ‘Mama Burna’) had undergone a major operation and he therefore had to be by her side to care for her.

Burna Boy’s tweet read: “I was Dealing with a Personal Family issue at the Beginning of these Protests . My mum Had Serious Surgery last week! We were all invested in making sure she recovers! i am not about that “put it all out on social media” life.We decided the focus must solely be on this protest.”

The announcement by the artiste appears to have calmed the nerves of fans who have now turned from castigating him to commiserating with him and wishing his mom a speedy recovery.

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