Buhari’s Government is the Worst Nigeria has ever had – Falz

Ebuka‘s interview with Nigerian super entertainer, Falz ‘The Bahd Guy’ continues with a focus on acting and movie roles.

Ebuka asked the entertainer how e first got into acting, to which Falz recalls getting a his first call to act in a minor role after a number of his funny skits playing “Brother Taju” on Instagram had gone viral.

He revealed that the first movie role then opened several other acting roles for him, particularly the role he played in Funke Akindele‘s Jenifa Diary.

Ebuka then went on to ask him about his relationship life, ” you have been in this industry for roughly eight years and counting, and we are still unable to pinpoint you in any form of relationship, is this intentional?”

Falz laughed trying to dodge, the question, he however responded that he has not been in a committed relationship since 2008, since he was more focused on his career and has not thought it possible to mix the intricacies of committed relationship to the very demanding devotion of the entertainment industry.

The show host then went on to ask Falz about his role in the ENDSARS protests that saw million of young people across Nigeria taking to the streets to demand an end to police brutality and demand proper governance.

During his response, Falz said” since I became aware as an adult, I believe that this has been the worst Nigeran government ever. I mean, Buhari has to be begged to address the very people who put him in power… this is very shameful!”

He also mentioned the heartless massacre of young Nigerians at the Lekki toll gate on the 20th of October, 2020 by personnel of the Nigerian Military.

“How can the military kill peaceful young Nigerians who were only carrying the Nigerian flag and singing the national anthem? I mean how?” Falz said.

Watch the part two of the interview below;

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