Brighto To Kiddwaya: Neo Is A Pretender, He Lies A Lot

In an aside d#conversation between BrightO and Kiddwaya yesterday, he seemed to be showing his ability for clairvoyance once more.

Fellow housemate Neo, was the topic of their conversation. BrightO seemed to have a a lot to tell about Neo.

The marine engineer housemate said that he is of the inclination that Neo entered the house with a script and that he is not being himself fully.

He claims the housemate is much of a liar and he’s been playing his game to court public sympathy and votes.

According to Bright, he doesn’t believe most of the things Neo says in the house, and that’s just a personality he’s not cool with.

He said Neo likes talking in codes so he doesn’t reveal who he is exactly.

Well, BrightO only seems to be confirming what many viewers of the show have been saying about Neo. It’s being discussed widely on social media the housemate is trying to paint a different picture from his true nature.

It’s however important to note this is just a game, and the best player will definitely emerge the winner, with support from the fans.

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