Born and Raised in Italy, But now Lives in An African Forest

An Italian man by name Joshua Kwaku Asiedu who was born and raised in Milan in Italy, as chosen to go against the norm and leave Europe to go to Ghana just to live in the centre of an African forest.

He was speaking with popular African vlogger, Wode Maya about how he came to make the decision and how more fulfilled he his life now is by choosing to live away from what the world considers to be civilization.

Joshua was born to an Italian mother and a Ghanaian father and he tells Wode Maya about his early years growing up in Italy until he was 20 years of age. He said that it was at that age that he chose to leave Italy for other countries in the quest to discover his true self and live in tandem with nature.

He mentioned that he first went to Greece and then to the United Kingdom (UK), all in the quest to seek a place where he could live in harmony with nature, but he only ended up finding himself in much bigger cities than the ones he had previously left behind, making his quests almost count for nothing.

He however says the journey eventually started led him closer to nature so much so that he had to start questioning everything, and this helped him get a clearer picture of how he believes that life should be lived.

He says that he decided to stop using cars, trains and other engine powered vehicles but instead resorted to cycling and walking.

He says that his new lifestyle has afforded him the opportunity to meet local people all over the globe from India all the way to Australia where he lived with the Aboriginal people.

“All of these brought me to a place where I realized that the Western life is not for me… it is not for everybody,” he says.

“I therefore decided to go back to a life that was pre-colonial, a life that was taken over from the indigenous people,” he adds.

He says that from his experiences, one can never talk about being indigenous without the mention of Africa, as such his decision to travel to his father’s birth country of Ghana to live in the centre of an African forest.

Watch the full video interview below;

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