Bobrisky: I am Finer than 90 Percent of Nigerian Girls

Popular Nigerian transgender socialite, Bobriksy, has in a video post said that he/she is finer than the majority of girls in his country Nigeria.

He/she made this statement in a recent video posted on social media.

In the video, he/she is seen saying that he/she is very beautiful and that so many ladies in the country would wish for the his/her type of beauty.

This is not the first time Bobrisky is stating his/her beauty publicly. It is quite obvious that his/her level of self belief is quite sky high.

Take a look at the video below;

I'm prettier than 90% of the ladies in Nigeria 👉 Bobrisky#RantHqTv #RantHq #BobriskyPlz Follow @RantHqTv👇https://t.co/bTR7gBxIVh 🗣📺

Posted by Rant HQ TV on Friday, September 11, 2020

Bobrisky’s transformation from a man to woman has been in the public eye for years and it appears that in recent times, he/she has finally taken the shape and form of a woman.

This transformation is quite curious and interesting to watch, especially in a society like Nigeria where homosexual and transgender acts are explicitly frowned upon by society, so much so that it has been declared illegal in the country’s laws, attracting long prison terms.

It is therefore curious to see how Bobrisky is still about to go about his/her business and daily activities with little to no hindrance at all.

Well, Bobriksy however does not seem to relent with the content he/she churns and as Dorathy of BBNaija season 5 would say, We are all for that! 🙂

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