BBNaija: Ozo Almost Beat Prince Up

There was a short “shouting session” in what appeared to be a little altercation or skirmish between current BBNaija Head of House (HoH), Ozoemena aka Ozo and fellow season housemate Prince.

Apparently, the housemates were practicing for today’s wager task when Prince decided to take a leave from the rehearsals without due recourse to fellow housemates. This got Ozo incensed and caused him to lash out at Prince saying that the latter was taking the task for granted.

He made it known that being HoH, he was responsible for how things would turn out in the house’s wager task later today and as such, he does not want any of the housemates to take things for granted.

Prince on the other hand took the reprimand in his stride and apologised for his actions.

After things cooled off a bit, Ozo also apologised for his outburst and the rest of the rehearsal session got back on track.

Some Twitter commentators however hold the view that Ozo was just venting at Prince because of the silent rivalry between they have over their palpable love interest in fellow female housemate Nengi, who seems to have a cunning way of getting the two jealous by playing them against each other.

Catch a video of the moment of tension in the Twitter post below;

The Twitter micro blogging site is one of the spicing grounds for the BBNaija reality TV show, and this year is no different. Without Twitter, the excitement generated around the show would have been quite minimal in comparison to its current height of interest.

This week’s wager task is meant to be a musical and from all preparations by the housemates, it appears that the show would be an interesting one.

Hopefully, the housemates would be able to execute it well to Big Brother’s satisfaction so that they get to win their first wager this season, as they have a lost all wager tasks they have been given since the start of the show.

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