BBNAIJA: Mike Supports Tacha as She Apologizes to All Housemates

Mike Edwards, former Big Brother Naija house mate, ‘Pepper dem gang,’ has tweeted in support of Tacha after she spoke from the heart about her past and how it affected her stay in the Big Brother House.

The ongoing BBNaija Reunion has been nothing short of drama from the get-go. Yesterday’s show was one of different active players going against each other, from time to time.

One stand out one was when Tacha narrated that she grew up being insecure and not having confidence until her late mother dedicated time to work on her to ensure that she became the confident woman that she is today. She explains that due to some events in her past, she has had time trusting people and letting them in, and this was what played out in her coming off as hostile to other housemates during the show. Prior to this however, she had had a tense moment with Tuoyo and calling him out for saying she derived her confidence from the use of “Black Magic.”

The Titans Queen later on then took the opportunity to apologise to all housemates for her brashness during the reality show, of which majority of the housemates that were there present accepted. After this, Mike Edwards, British born Nigerian, who was also on the main reality show but wasn’t present at yesterday’s reunion event, tweeted a heartfelt message in support of Tacha saying, “I love when @Symply_Tacha speaks from the heart. I respect that”

It seems that every one has now mended or patched up things with the “No leave, No Transfer” Queen now, and hopefully we look forward to greater collaborations going forward.

Elo and Diane

Elozonam and Diane were also not left out of yesterday’s drama as they kept on going and trading accusations against each other.

It was so intense that at a point Elo had to just blurt out that, Diane always liked to play the victim; this is actually an echo of what a good number of viewers are beginning to also say.

Ebuka asked if a particular incident which both Diane and Elo have been refusing to give details about, was the reason why they did not work out. Elo responded in the affirmative, and Diane retorted that, they would not have worked out anyway!

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