BBNaija: Erica Pushes Nonchalant Kiddwaya for More

In what appeared to be a fight of lovers last night after the Friday games and activities were over, Erica was seen asking Kiddwaya for more emotional expression.

She asserted that it appeared Kiddwaya was only interested in having a way with her body and nothing more. She was heard saying “I am done with all of these, in fact I am bored”

“All he says and does is, ‘I want to kiss your neck’ and stuff… all sexual stuff… In fact I am bored.”

She went on to call Kiddwaya a spoilt brat and that it is because that they were in the confined space of the Big Brother house that is how come it appears that she has limited options.

She says the sex talks from her supposed now “former lover” (as she indicates that she has broken up with him), was wearing her out and that she needed more.

She disclosed that she had had a 30 minute long talk with Kiddwaya earlier about his lack of emotional commitment and he had practically nothing to say back to her after.

All of this drama played out in front of Trikytee and Prince who were trying hard to be mediators in the ruckus, but all to no avail.

Watch an excerpt of the video below;

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