Banky W Drags FG for exposing people to Coronavirus because of NIN Registration

Nigerian singer, politician and actor Banky Wellington, professionally known as Banky W has taken to social media to drag the Muhammadu Buhari led administration for making citizens queue to register their National Identification Number (NIN) despite the recent rise in the ongoing pandemic in the country.

The artist took to his Twitter handle to reveal how people are not following the social distancing containment protocols in their respective NIN centres and blamed the Federal Givernment for being irresponsible and making people crowd together to register their NIN during the pandemic.

Banky W revealed that the citizens of the country are being exposed to the deadly virus that has taken the lives of millions of people all over the world just because of NIN registration.

He then asked the Federal Govenment to put an end to the ongoing situation before many other lives are lost.

Taking to Twitter, Banky W wrote;

“How they can tell us to do social distancing on one hand and then use this NIN madness to expose all of us to covid?

“This is completely responsible for the Federal Government and to us as a country, to insist on this mad scramble for NIN numbers in the middle of Covid’s 2nd wave. People are dying.

“We should be smarter, wiser and than this for goodness sake.

“In the middle of the pandemic, this is how our Nigerian Government has its citizens queuing up to get their NIN numbers.

“Completely reckless, inconsiderate and dangerous. Then tomorrow the NCDC will release covid infection rates and say social distancing. This country sha,” he wrote.

Recall that the telecommunications companies were asked to block all unregistered SIM cards in the country in two weeks by the Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC).

Citizens of the country were asked to register their SIM cards with their NIN or risk losing their numbers.

However, customers of all networks have been crowding the NIN registration centres to register their NINs which exposes them to the deadly corona virus disease.

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