Anthony Joshua Reveals His Desire to Battle Tyson Fury

For the first time after defeating Kubrat Pulev early this December, World Heavyweight Boxing champion, Anthony Joshua has revealed his intentions of having a competition with Tyson Fury.

According to the Boxer, he wishes to ‘take Fury’s head off his shoulders’ and become even over an old Rolex Tyson Fury promised him after their famous fight in 2010.

Anthony Joshua also announced that he desires seven more years as an heavyweight champion. He also verified that the proposed £200m showdown between him and Tyson Fury in May which is likely to be one of the best events in British sporting history is going through development.

Joshua stated a comment after Fury, who is now the WBC champion, admitted AJ delivered “a killing” In sparring in 2020 in an audio leaked this week.

Fury promised in the sparring session that if Anthony Joshua or any heavyweight could defeat him, he would give them his rolex, but Joshua never received the rolex.
As the fight between Brits is closing in, Joshua, which is now 31years old said: ‘All I wanted was his Rolex watch. He said before that spar (to Boxing News), “If you can beat me up or knock me out, you can have my Rolex watch”.

‘I was hungry then and I am even hungrier now. It was a good spar. I didn’t really know too much, it was just passion. Now I have some boxing IQ and passion, I know it will be a great fight.’

Anthony Joshua added that: ‘After the Pulev fight I didn’t want to do any interviews – less talk and more action. I stood by that. But now that we’re talking about it, a week or so after, and I’m LoopPop How close are we? I promise you conversations are happening. We’re definitely looking at the landscape. But until you hear it from me, don’t buy into anything’.

‘I’m taking my time – because there has been a lot of back-and-forth for years. I’ve been chasing this road to undisputed and when the time is right I’ll announce it and I’ll have my mind fully focused on the job at hand.

‘The offers will be made, substantial offers. I’m looking more optimistically as if it will happen to be honest with you. He should take this fight with both hands.

‘I promise you this: I will put in a serious offer to fight Tyson Fury and if he’s serious himself, he will take it. If he’s not I will fight (Oleksandr) Usyk and leave it there.’

Heavyweight boxer, Usyk is also one of the difficulty Joshua might face for the undisputed title, because Usyk is the necessary competition for Anthony Joshua’s WBO belt.

Joshua might have to withdraw his belt as the WBO is holding Joshua to his responsibility to compete Usyk next.

Joshua said this after he was asked about giving up his title: ‘The belts do make it special but I feel like the cries from the public are just for me to fight Tyson Fury.

‘I am the sort of guy who will let my team just put a social media poll and whatever the fans vote, I will do. If they want to see me fight Fury, and I have to relinquish… There is nothing more in it than me wanting to compete against the best.

‘If that is Tyson Fury, then fine. If they want me to fight Usyk, and get him out of the way, then fine. I believe I will beat Usyk and then Tyson Fury can happen at the end of the year. Either way, I am just doing my next couple of fights next year on what the public wants me to do.’

For his future plans Joshua revealed he has some plans in mind for when he retires.

He said: ‘I have a time frame, I want to go to around 38.

‘I am not just looking at Tyson Fury, but how long I can give to the sport. What more do I have to give? I am young and fit, I don’t do anything else so boxing is fun for me and keeps me busy.

‘Tyson Fury is a good challenger, someone to help me progress, he will be a great learning fight. And, once that is done, I will go on competing with the best, challenging myself and making history.’

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