Amazing Discoveries of the Sodom Apple Fruit (Calatropis Procera)

Life they say is all about mysteries and discoveries.

Ever heard of a leaf that has multiple uses? Well, when growing up we all knew the Sodom apple fruit, and my local people named it “ndula ndula,” because it was known to be very poisonous. Discovery however shows that the leaves of the same plant are a source of some of the best herbal medicine on our African soil.

Whiles growing up, we maintained “social distance” with the Sodom apple fruits, just as we are doing with the COVID 19 virus today, because being found just touching it could earn you a beating of a lifetime, LOL! This brings chills, right? lets head on to the discoveries.

The Magic of the Sodom Apple Fruit

It is simply a cure for a plethora of ailments.

The leaves are crushed and put in boiling water, if one is having a tummy ache or other forms of pain, this potion can be administered.

It is also an effective cure for recurrent toothaches where one only needs to sap the juice from the Sodom apple fruit and gaggle the it in the mouth for a couple of minutes, and then spit the liquid out. The gaggling procedure can also treat stubborn mumps’.

The Sodom apple fruit is very effective with the treating and subsequent healing of wounds where the juice is applied and then the leaves of the same plant used to cover up the wound.

This plant is abundantly present in the rural areas of Kenya, where people have an easy understanding of the pains of economic scarcity.

Non-Medicinal Uses of the Sodom Apple Fruit

Outside of health care, the juice from the Sodom apple plant can be used as soap to remove stubborn stains like grease, ink on clothes, and many more.

And you know the instances when an infant is born with those whitish things on their heads and around their bodies? Yes, the juice cleans that up too.

The leaf can be used for washing utensils.

If things get out of hand, the juice can be used after bathing to rejuvenate the skin and prevent it from drying up; essentially using it as body oil or lotion.


It is very important to note that this plant can be very poisonous if not properly handled. It can be very damaging to the eyes if one is not careful.

In summary, the Sodom apple plant is very useful in health, washing and other purposes as per local discoveries.

This is a plant that seems invisible yet very effective in our day to day endeavours as it comes in handy for many uses. It is a cure giver, it is a soap and it is also a body oil (much as the fruit needs care not to get into the eyes).

The Sodom apple fruit is a plant to be explored due to its many benefits.

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