Aliko Dangote Files Lawsuit against Ex-girlfriend

Billionaire and business mogul, Aliko Dangote, has sued his ex-American mistress known as Autumn Spikes. Autumn Spikes had taken to social media and shared various posts that showed secret moments she and Aliko Dangote had.

However, the billionaire has sued his ex-mistress for “revenge porn.”

Autumn shared on her Instagram account a video of herself and Aliko Dangote on a couch covered with an orange blanket. The billionaire was on his mobile phone but his buttocks were clearly shown.

She also shared photos of the billionaire alighting from a plane in a private hanger and described herself as a ‘ForbesListSugarBabe’.

She later deleted the pictures after she claimed she was implored by bloggers to reveal more information on her affair with Mr. Dangote.

She also denied claims that she revealed her relationship with Dangote to chase fame.

However, the billionaire has filed a lawsuit against Autumn in an American court in Miami. Mr. Dangote sought for a compensation of $30,000 claiming she ruined his reputation by her posts on Instagram.

However, Autumn Spikes has taken to her social media to threaten the billionaire saying he shouldn’t have made the issue public.

The ‘ForbesListSugarBabe’ sighted that the billionaire has risked more information about him being leaked.

Autumn Spikes also revealed that the billionaire tried to shut her up by paying her. Autumn said she rejected the money which caused the billionaire to file the suit against her.

She wrote on her Instagram page: “Aliko is suing me for declining his silence money.. How petty of him and his legal team.”

She also revealed that they have been in a relationship for nine years but they both agreed to keep the relationship private.
The billionaire’s lifestyle has been kept a secret until now as Autumn has taken to social media to reveal shocking facts about him.

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