AGBaby AfropopVol1 Exclusive Album Review

Adekunle Gold who recently transition to be called AGBaby release his third studio album titled “AfropopVol1” has been creating quite a buzz on the internet – a little bird says we are like to have an AfropopVol2.

Adekunle Gold is a highlife musician who sings mostly in Yoruba and is known for live performances with his band the 79th element. Adekunle Gold has a number of hit songs, some of which are “Shade,” “pick up,“ “Orente,” “Ire,“ “Before you wake up,” “Young love“ among others.

AGBaby released his first album “Gold” in 2016 and his sophomore titled “About 30” in 2018.  I will say with no single doubt that AGBaby is an artist with so much talent and this is attested by the recognitions and awards he has won.

With his third album he goes to prove to the world how much bag of talent he holds and also explodes with versatility, showing the universe that he is a complete artist.

AfropopVol1 is a 10 song project, and I will be doing a review of each as follows;

Track 1 – AGBaby

The first song on the Album features Nailah Blackman, a Trinidadian singer and song writer. In this song he is introducing himself as AGBaby (after transitioning from Adekunle Gold) and giving himself accolades. Nailah Blackman on the other hand serves as his hype woman in the chorus. She keeps hailing him on. He is the original dada like he said. He even mentioned going platinum and we can’t wait to witness that. This song was however released on the 7th of August, a few weeks before the main album launch.

Rating : 8/10

Track 2 – Sabina

Sabina is the second song on the AfropoVol1 album and it appears some similarities in vibes with AGBaby’s “Orente,” the beat is however different. In this song he seems to be a remorseful boyfriend or husband who has messed up and asking for a second chance from Sabina to make things right. He is pleading with Sabina and making promises to never leave her again. He also declares his willingness to fight for her love – he finally recognizes what he has and doesn’t want to lose it. AG puts in some French words “Mon bebe Mon bebe” which means “my baby my baby.” This song is definitely worth a live performance.

Rating: 8/10

 Track 3 – Pretty Girl

This purely afro beats song features dancehall act Patoraking. This song takes AGBaby out of his normal mode into a party one. In this song they are both telling a pretty girl how beautiful she is, and asking her if her mama knows that “she don spoil”. Patoraking put in some patoi vibes that gives the song some reggae vibes and vibrations. Once again this is totally different from what we are used to coming from the artiste.

Rating : 8/10

Track 4 – Okay

This is basically a song for the “naysayers,” telling them that he is unperturbed. The musician also mentioned that some of his fans are not pleased with the switch to AGBaby and his new genre of music. This song could possibly be for them. He is telling them that is stocking up the money anyway and doesn’t care about their hate. They can’t be him. “Okay okay, is okay let them say, trouble no dey pain me” He is here for it all, and they definitely can’t be him. “Na grace you dey find I get times 2”. This song is definitely for the haters.  We go dey okay he said at the end.

Rating: 6/10

Track 5 – Here for Ya

This is a song that praises the African woman. He is not shy to show off the African woman to the world, and could do anything for her. I think this song has some Adekunle Gold mixed with AGBaby, you can totally recognize his signature through this song. When he sings love songs he does it politely and his words towards women are pure and affectionate. The beats and everything shows that we still have our Adekunle Gold here even though he is now our Baby. Basically he sings about being there for his African woman.

Rating: 7/10

Track 6 – Exclusive

AGBaby features Olayinka Eyi, a New York based Nigerian singer on this one. This song is made in the semblance of a couple having a conversation. This song quite reflects some realities modern couples might be going through. So basically, the girl picked the boy’s phone and starts a fight after going through a few text messages on there. She is clearly pissed about him chatting other girls online. The question he then asks is if they were “Exclusive” because apparently, they didn’t have that label prior, and she was okay with that; maybe some sort of entanglement so he has to be sure if they are exclusive now.

You feel that? I believe a lot of people can relate with this song, cos I can 😊

Rating: 6/10

Track 7 – Something Different

It is la crème de la crème of this album. It was released two months before the official release of the Album. It is a hit and the numbers can speak to this. This was an introduction to what we were to expect from AGBaby. This song is absolutely something different from the usual AG.

Rating: 9/10

Track 8 – Firewood

He features Tekno on this track. He is politely asking to be intimate with a certain lady, saying his body can no longer wait to have coitus – like the popular saying “body no be firewood”. He feels so lonely and needs somebody to cool his body. Tekno gives this song a very sensual feeling. The unusual effect is that “Adekunle Gold” hardly sings about sex in such an open manner.

Rating: 7/10

Track 9 – Water Carry Me Go

This song is my personal favorite. The beat, the vibe the words gives it this joyful feeling and you will definitely want to dance or vibe someone with this song. Like “if I lie for your love babe Water carry me go far away.” In this song he was professing his love to one Diana and could swear he was not lying. He asks to be taken away by a water body if his confessions were false.

Rating: 8/10

Track 10 – My Ex

The last song on this Album, and it seems AG hasn’t gotten over “Delilah” a song he sung about his ex. But in this track he was talking about his text to the ex; he was talking about forgetting how much of a devil she was. He keeps running through the circle, and then regrets it in the morning.

Do you also text your ex sometimes? He is asking not to be judged, he might probably not be the only one.

Rating: 7/10


Overall this is one of his best musical projects out there with a number of potential hit songs. With “Something different“ he drew a lot of attention to himself and people were anticipating and this made people expectant of this album’s release.

I believe that this is a project that will be much appreciated by the public; 72 hours in and the numbers are encouraging.

Based on the individual rating of the tracks above, the album scores review points of 7.4/10

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