Aisha Yesufu dragged on Social Media for Pro LGBTQ Stance

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu, recently took to social media to show her support for the LGBTQ society in Nigeria. She stated that the rights of Homosexuals in Nigeria should be respected and not be criticised.

Aisha Yesufu shared in a tweet on Monday, 11th of January, that Homosexuality has been practiced in Nigeria for hundred of years.

”You do not need anyone liking your choice of sexuality. All you need is being given the right to practise your sexuality. Homosexuality was freely practiced in Nigeria for hundreds of years and I witnessed same sex marriages in the 80s. So calm down, it is not a new discovery”she wrote.

Some Netizen, however, have taken to social media to drag her for her support for Homosexuality. Some Twitter users noted that as a muslim, Aisha Yesufu should not show support for something God is against.

The youths in the region, known as Arewa youths,dragged her over her support for gay rights in Nigeria. They said Homosexuality is against the doctrines of Islam and anyone who practice these doctrines should never be found supporting such things, thus referring to Aisha Yesufu.

The activist didn’t take the attacks lightly as she fired back calling them; ”Oxygen Wasting Vessels”.

The activist took to Twitter to attack the Northern Nigerian youths famously known as Arewa youths for trolling her on Twitter.

“Youth in Nigeria will pick up an issue and focus on it until the government is forced to do something about it but the ones in arewa twitter with their #BambiAlaMentality” jump from handle to handle to transfer the aggression they cannot transfer to the parents that abandoned them.”

She also said said President Buhari took a look at the Arewa Youths and used them to deem all the youth in Nigeria lazy, whereas, it is the Arewa youths that are lazy.

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